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Valentine's Day Menu 2018

Randall & Aubin

Welcome to Randall & Aubin Manchester - for delicious food, the best ingredients, and a fabulous dining experience.

Whether hunting for oysters, on the look out for succulent rotisserie meats, or simply enjoying a martini at the bar underneath the glittering Disco Ball, we hope you're ready to lose a few hours with us.

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Ooh matron! Regulars of ours will already know that we do things a little differently at Randall & Aubin on 14th February! Forget stale rows of tables of two, each sporting a white table cloth and a wilting red rose in a vase of murky water, and the wincing sound of cutlery clinking on plates, punctuating the bars of the same classic violin medley you heard on loop last year… We’re the place with the disco ball and, let’s face it, we’re more ‘furry handcuffs’ than ‘red roses’, more ‘feather tickler’ than ‘violin music’ and more ‘kinky dice’ than a ‘half-bottle of Champagne and an overpriced three-course meal of which you only like sound of the main’ – if you see what we mean ... Click here for more information and here for the Valentine menu

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Monday - Wednesday 12pm - 11pm, Thursday - Saturday 12pm - 11pm, Sunday 12pm - 8pm