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October Oyster Festival

The seas are getting colder around our shores and while that means 'Bye bye sunshine', it also means 'Hello delicious oysters!' Oysters are at their best in Autumn so we are celebrating the seasons harvest.

And since the oysters are so wonderfully quaffable at this time, we've decided to celebrate October by serving four mouthwatering dishes, made specially by Ed - one for each week of the month. 

Week One begins with the Asian-inspired Spiced Tempura Oysters, garnished with red chilli and sesame. The crunch of the tempura is an irresistible contrast to the delicate, juicy flesh of the oyster inside, and the Asian flavours set the palate truly alight. A very exciting way to enjoy oysters, if you haven't tried it before!

Next, will be the Glazed Oysters Randall with Shrimps - our oysters as you know them, but with a baked, hearty twist. Five mini seafood pies in the half shell - perfect Autumn oyster-eating.
On Week Three, we'll be bringing Classic Spicy Oysters Kilpatrick to the table. A spiced tomato sauce topped with pancetta and breadcrumbs this dish is something that will certainly warm your cockles in the cold weather.
We will end Oyster October with Fresh Vietnamese Style Oysters - five bright, zingy oyster parcels, each topped with a crunchy Vietnamese salad and crispy fried garlic. It's the culinary expression of an oyster bringing out its fun and exotic side - coming out of its shell, you might say.
All of our oyster specials will come as a plate of five and are served with a glass of Randall & Aubin House Champagne, priced at £20. 
With this variety of flavours, textures and global influences, there is most definitely something for everyone - and we won't judge you if you return more than once!
We look forward to seeing you - the oysters are out to play and we hope you will be too.

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