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Everything looks better through Rose tinted spectacles...

 If the date is anything to go by, it's officially summertime. Some things just taste better with the windows open and a shard of sunshine playing on the edge of your wine glass... and rosé tastes just divine.

For the next six weeks, Randall & Aubin have a special rosé promotion available, in which premium wines are at very friendly prices (everything seems friendlier with rosé.) There is the Gris Blanc from Gerard Bertand - a wonderfully pure, fresh tasting wine with vibrant crystalline fruits and a dry, zesty finish - or for something fruitier, there's the Chateau De Campuget, Syrah Vermentino, which entices with notes of grapefruit and a red berry finish.
For the remaining two wines, we are whisked off to Italy with the Alie Rosé Toscana, Syrah Vermentino and the Attems Romato, Pinot Grigio. The Alie is reminiscent of a frolic in a field of strawberries with some Italian stallion, handsome and rugged like its minerality, while the Attems is youthful, fruity with a dry edge and bright salmon in colour - perfect for hazy, pink-hued evenings in Soho.
Don't worry - the team have tested every single glass and the verdict is a hearty, rosy-cheeked, giggly nod of approval. In fact, nothing has got us in the mood for summer more. 
Bring on the sunshine and pop open the rosé!

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