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Streetsmart Campaign

 This festive season, we are very proud to be partnering with StreetSmart, a charity that has raised over £8.2 million for homeless and vulnerable people across the UK since they were established in 1998. During the Christmas period, a voluntary £1 is added to the diners’ bill and at the end of each month, we pass on these £1 donations to StreetSmart, who then use them to support reputable charities for the homeless. As all StreetSmart’s running and operational costs are paid for by their sponsor, Deutsche Bank, every penny in every £1 raised goes directly to the people who need it. 

‘Manchester and its residents take pride that in the North people say it how it is, and I for one find this level of honesty very refreshing,’ says Ed Baines. ‘Well, if we say it how it is, we also see it how it is. Although we all seem to have become accustomed to stepping over young men and woman sleeping rough, it really is a travesty of modern times. As a group of restaurants across all major UK cities, we have come together at Christmastime to ask our customers to make an optional donation of £1 to help stem the steady flow of young people becoming trapped in the cycle of homelessness.’

So far, we are overwhelmed by our customers’ willingness to help and we just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU.

To find out even more about this fantastic charity please click on the logo below.


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