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The Finest Oysters to Savour at Randall & Aubin

 The Finest Oysters to Savour at Randall & Aubin

Feeling good and fortified 

Those special shells with gifts inside


A pinch of salt and Tabasco too

A squeeze of lemon, its up to you


Take good care when it's time to shuck

It takes technique and a shot of luck


The big reveal is a sight to behold 

But don't rush in unless they're cold


A hint of the sea and divine to most 

Fresh inland and by the coast


If they're on offer, accept with haste

You'll be surprised how lovely they taste


Sometimes for breakfast, and often for lunch

These ocean grown beauties pack quite a punch


If you love them be thankful, you'll never regret

That beautiful Oyster and the day you first met


Embrace the adventure, we are boldly imploring 

(The) Finest Oysters to savour at Randall & Aubin



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