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Valentine's Day at Randall & Aubin - prepare to be lovestruck!

Ooh matron! Regulars of ours will already know that we do things a little differently at Randall & Aubin on 14th February! Forget stale rows of tables of two, each sporting a white table cloth and a wilting red rose in a vase of murky water, and the wincing sound of cutlery clinking on plates, punctuating the bars of the same classic violin medley you heard on loop last year… We’re the place with the disco ball and, let’s face it, we’re more ‘furry handcuffs’ than ‘red roses’, more ‘feather tickler’ than ‘violin music’ and more ‘kinky dice’ than a ‘half-bottle of Champagne and an overpriced three-course meal of which you only like sound of the main’ – if you see what we mean.
Valentine’s Day at Randall & Aubin is all about indulgent, sexy food that you can get your rocks off to (rock oysters, that is) and we have created a menu of individual dishes that you can pick and choose from – after all, variety is the spice of life! However you like it, whichever way you do it and whoever you do it with, is up to you – all that matters is that we will certainly have your tastebuds (and whatever else, for that matter) firing on all cylinders!
Ed Baines swears by oysters to get the juices flowing – they are packed with energy-laden zinc, after all – so you might want to start your Valentine feast with our sumptuous Oysters Parker: six French oysters (oh la la!) garnished with crème fraiche and luxurious black pearls of caviar. Our special starter on the day of love is Seafood Bourride - feel free to take turns spreading it on the toast and feeding morsels to each other – we shall avert our eyes. The star of the show (apart from you lovebirds, of course) is our Fillet of John Dory with sauce choron. Warming, hearty and luscious – if the way to one’s heart is through one’s stomach, we think we’ve found a shortcut with this dish. And finally, for dessert, you’ll find yourselves locking eyes over a tear and share Apple Tart Tatin, served with ice cream and caramel sauce. 
So, bring an appetite for fun, as well as feasting on this February 14th - and when you pre-book, we’ll make sure you receive one of our little goodie bags of naughty surprises!
Call us to book your table for Valentine’s Day on 0161 711 1007 or book through our website here.

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