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Announcing our new Partnership with Elite Delivery Service Supper

Restaurant quality food delivered to you

Sometimes it’s just not feasible to get to Soho to visit our warm and welcoming restaurant – sad but true. And while every meal should ideally be enjoyed under a sparkling Disco Ball, there might be occasions that you’re stuck in the office, or at home, or with a friend who promised you dinner but then presents half a tub of hummus and some dry crackers.
For these occasions, we are delighted to announce we’ve partnered up with the elite delivery service Supper. Whether you want a Lobster Po Boy at your desk, a White Tuna Salad for dinner, or some quality Rotisserie Chicken to wow your family, then now many of your favourite Randall and Aubin dishes are available for delivery. To order or simply scan the menu then click here and it will take you straight to our page.

Supper.london Delivery Service

About Supper and why we chose them ..

At Randall and Aubin we pride ourselves on the quality of the food we serve – the freshest ingredients, the best produce, and the wonderful presentation. We needed to partner with a company that understood the importance of this, and could deliver a meal experience that almost rivaled sitting in our wonderful restaurant. Supper are the team to do this. As they say:

"Supper's ethos is and always will be quality of service. With that in mind, we've developed a logistics solution that not only delivers, but complements our restaurants. The high quality of service that you expect from a restaurant is filtered through all the way to how the food is delivered, without exception. We make sure absolutely nothing has been overlooked.
I personally expect the highest quality and I believe so do our customers. So, that has been translated into every aspect of Supper, even down to our cute little scooters and bags."

So when you have a craving for our food that has to be satisfied, check out Supper. You’ll be chowing down on our divine dishes at a location of your choice in no time whatsoever.



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