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Bloomin' Lovely!

'Flowers always make people better, happier, and more helpful; they are sunshine, food and medicine for the soul.' - Luther Burbank

Fresh flowers have always been a key part of the decor in our restaurant and we change our displays throughout the year to reflect the mood of the seasons and to generally brighten the place up a bit. Like the cherry on top, the perfectly-tied bow and the lobster claw sticking out of a seafood pie, beautifully-cut and lovingly-arranged fresh flowers are one of those finishing touches that provide a certain je ne sais quoi - and don't we all love a bit of je ne sais quoi?

We buy our blooms from Ronnie's Flowers on Berwick Street Market, just around the corner from us. Dating back to 1778, Berwick Street is one of London's oldest markets today and Ronnie's Flowers is the oldest flower stall in London. We've always bought our fruit and veg from Berwick Street too, and it's now known as a bit of a foodie haven with delights from every corner of the world finding their way into our mouths. Unfortunately, this varied and vibrant market street is under threat of privatisation, risking the livelihoods of traders that have worked there for generations.

If you want to find out about how you can show Berwick Street Market your support, follow them on Twitter here @BerW1ckStMarket or visit their website: berwickstmarket.org

And in the meantime, get yourself some bright yellow orchids from Ronnie's (our favourites at the moment) - the national flower of Columbia.


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