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Buy Art Fair - for the love of art!

As you know, here at Randall & Aubin, we love the finer things in life like fine food, fine wine and fine art. Last weekend Manchester hosted the Buy Art Fair across the city and we displayed some of the fantastic work in our restaurant.

Dan Parry-Jones, Rendez-vous, acrylic, oil, screen-print
We were honoured to partner with Gala Fine Art (http://galafineart.uk), who exhibited a wide selection of work from artists who are regulars at Buy Art Fair, like Daniel Ablitt, Clare Bonnet, Dan Parry-Jones and Sara Willet, and artists who are brand new fresh faces on the scene, such as Richard Twose and Yuki Aruga.
Newbie Richard Twose has been commended for his stunning portraiture, and won the BP Portrait Award in 2014, while Yuki Aruga was long-listed last year for the Columbia Threadneedle Prize: Figurative Art Today for her painting Severance, which was actually shown at Buy Art Fair at the weekend!
Buy Art Fair favourite Daniel Ablitt showed new work involving his signature small figures in awe-inspiring natural environments. His dreamlike scenes are part-remembered, part-imagined and they envoke a sense of familiarity, nostalgia and also mystery. In contrast, Clare Bonnet's work was bright and vibrant, echoing the energy of the sea, and was inspired by the time she spent on the Cornish coast. Buy Art Fair regular Dan Parry-Jones brought an abstract twist to his work this year, commenting on modern life, particularly living through our phones, and Sara Willett brought her Sunny Art Prize 2017's short-listed piece, Mood Indigo, which consisted of 16 spray paint and oil paintings on board, created using a stretched crochet web. 
If you like what you hear, you can read more about these very talented artists here:
Richard Twose: http://galafineart.uk/artists/richard-twose/
Yuki Aruga: http://galafineart.uk/artists/yuki-aruga/
Daniel Ablitt: http://galafineart.uk/artists/daniel-ablitt/
Clare Bonnet: http://galafineart.uk/artists/clare-bonnet/
Dan Parry-Jones: http://galafineart.uk/artists/dan-parry-jones/
Sara Willett: http://galafineart.uk/artists/sara-willett/
You can find out more about the Buy Art Fair on their site: http://www.buyartfair.co.uk
We were thrilled to be part of the art world for a weekend - it seemed to go down very well with a glass of Champagne in one hand and an oyster in the other! 

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