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FREE 'Best Gin in the World' Martini Cocktail this Friday 5-7pm
Free Number 3 Gin Martini Cocktail, this Friday, 5-7pm

'Best Gin in the World'
Winners of the Supreme Champion Spirit Award
This Friday between 5 - 7 pm we would like to make you a free Number 3 Gin Martini Cocktail. It will be prepared for you by Richard, a Master Cocktail maker from the oldest wine merchants in London, Berry Bro.s & Rudd established 1698 and still serves the Royal Household today (history)
They are launching their new No. 3 Gin and we are proud to be selected as one of the few venues in Manchester to be part of their launch tour.
Need further convincing ?? er ok .. :D Berry Bro.s & Rudd are the current (and now 4 times) winner of the 'Best Gin in the World' .. yup I know .. meet you at the Gin Trolley this Friday ;)
Come between 5-7 pm this Friday 27th September to enjoy your Free cocktail served on a first come first serve basis or if you would prefer, call us to book your table. 
0161 711 1007

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