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Running an environmentally sustainable business is important to us. And it is the first step we take when considering any change or improvement at the restaurant or in the catering division. So whether it is sourcing a new product or supplier or understanding the impact of the waste we must recycle, how it impacts our environment come first.

We are passionate about our eco-friendly approach and the importance we place on food provenance and transparency.

Our Suppliers


Swainson House Farm, Goosnargh, Lancashire

Swainson Farm is situated on the edge of the beautiful Ribble Valley where Reg Johnson has been rearing chickens and ducks for the past 3 decades. The chickens live in high, airy barns with plenty of straw and lots of space to run about. They are fed a totally natural corn rich diet without any additives, growth promoters or antibiotics, all of which makes a huge difference to the texture and flavour and which we believe delivers a delicious, tender bird.


Montague Farm, Oxfordshire

Montague Farm, near Bicester in glorious Oxfordshire is where farmer John Elkington raises the lambs that we buy. Reared as naturally as possible the sheep are predominately home bred and oats grown on the farm are fed to the mother sheep during pregnancy. When the lambs are one week old, they and their mothers are turned out to grass pastures that have been complemented with the inclusion of clover and chicory.

Fish Monger

Chapman's of Sevenoaks, Kent

Our fishmonger, Chapman’s is committed to sustainable fishing. They have developed strong local partnerships that ensures they can provide the best quality fish bought directly from the boats that fish along the Kent & Sussex coast - making their produce 100% traceable. Chapman’s deliver daily from their own preparation facility in Kent which means the fish that we get from Chapman’s has travelled fewer miles, which is a good thing, but even better - it is also as fresh as it can be!

Herbs & Salads

Cherry Tree Farm, Kent

Our Head Chef Ed Baines loves the beautiful English leaves & herbs that we get from Cherry Tree Farm. Located in ‘The Garden of England’ Cherry Tree Farm prides itself on providing top quality produce, all home grown from seed and with full traceability. The leaves and herbs are picked fresh to order and are delivered the same day for optimum freshness and flavour.

Fruit Juice

Assington Fruits, Suffolk

Assington Fruits is the home of Suffolk Apple Juice – who not only supply us with the most delicious apple juices – but we buy their pear juice too. Based on the Suffolk/ Essex border Assington Fruits is a small family run farm that grows a range of top quality fruit – strawberries, raspberries, cherries, apples, pears & plums. In their words, they have an ‘old fashioned’ approach to growing fruit – and the results are the delicious, refreshing bottles of juice that we stock.


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