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About R&A

Randall & Aubin is a unique restaurant, which launched in 1996 and has since become renowned as a Soho establishment. However, the venue didn't start its long history this way and was formerly a renowned butchers shop.

Founded in 1908, Randall & Aubin was originally London's first French Butchers shop and as the years passed, additions to the shop were made to include a bakery and cheesemonger. The shop became regarded as one of London's premium gourmet food retailers with a long list of awards and high profile clientele, including Sir Winston Churchill, who flocked to the site to enjoy some of the finest foods from the UK and across The Channel.

Due to changing demand of the times and area, the third generation of the butchers family sold the shop giving Ed Baines and Jamie Poulton the opportunity to bring their interesting dining concept to the area in the form of a restaurant.

The duo embarked on an innovative recreation of the venue, keeping some of the original and beautiful features, including the butchers shop Victorian fittings. They updated the site by installing long marble bars and high stools to create communal and individual dining areas for guests.

Randall and Aubin deliver an approachable but high-end concept to customers. They have a strict no bookings policy, but serve the finest food, wine, champagne and cocktails. The restaurant has a luxurious environment where customers feel relaxed from the moment they arrive.

The menu works perfectly with this concept and includes some truly outstanding classical dishes, specialising in seafood and well loved for its non-fuss approach and easy format. A distinct music policy and the additions of chandeliers and a giant millor ball in the heart of the restaurant create a buzz and energy found in few other places in Soho.

Over the last 17 years, many restaurants have adopted their trademark relaxed style but Randall & Aubin are forever evolving to keep one step ahead, whilst remaining true to their original values. The venue has always pushed back boundaries with a casual front of house feel but a commitment to every last detail behind the scenes.

Our long-standing reputation as a Soho institution is a huge reward for all our hard work. Our approach to Randall and Aubin is not of being owners but custodians of this iconic site. The founders' driving desire is to provide only the best at a reasonable price, with a regular following and high turnover in a limited space.

We often surprise our customers on the first visit as their expectations would be for a far larger restaurant, considering our reputation, but we offer customers an intimate experience that hopefully ensures they visit us many more times.


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