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  • Manchester: +44 (0)161 711 1007
  • Lunch Bookings: +44 (0)207 478 0504
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  • Email us: info@randallandaubin.com

Reservations - 0207 478 0504

We take LUNCH TIME BOOKINGS ONLY, Sunday - Friday between 12-5.30pm.
To make a booking ring 0207 478 0504
    Lunch Bookings

Opening Hours

We only take lunchtime bookings at these times:-

Sunday - Friday between 12pm - 5.30pm Saturday: no bookings Outside of these hours we do not take bookings, but we would be delighted to welcome you to our restaurant. Our restaurant manager will greet you upon arrival and will ensure that the wait for your table is comfortable and entertaining by offering drinks and looking after you during your wait. Our guests can enjoy the vibrant and lively Soho atmosphere on Brewer Street - the perfect introduction to a fabulous night with us beneath the disco ball.

BOOK NOW don't leave it too late!

Ooh matron! Regulars of ours will already know that we do things a little differently at Randall & Aubin on 14th February! Forget stale rows of tables of two, each sporting a white table cloth and a wilting red rose in a vase of murky water, and the wincing sound of cutlery clinking on plates, punctuating the bars of the same classic violin medley you heard on loop last year ...We're the place with the disco ball and, let's face it, we're more 'furry handcuffs' than 'red roses', more 'feather tickler' than 'violin music' and more 'kinky dice' than a 'half-bottle of Champagne and an overpriced three-course meal of which you only like sound of the main' - if you see what we mean ...

We will be taking bookings in 2 hours slots from 5.30pm, 7.30pm and 9.30pm to close.

Click here for more information and here for the Valentine menu


 Carrot Chilli and Coriander



Panfried Red Mullet with Mussels and Rocket 

Pesto Risotto




Roasted Peterhead Cod with Potato Terrine,Buttered

Leek and Kale and Mustard Cream Sauce









Wine Specials Board

Rose Wine 

Ontanon Rioja

Btl £29.00  Gls £7.50

New Hall Pinot

Btl £26.00  Gls £6.60

White Wine

Trentino Nosolia

Btl £25.00  Gls £5.40

Amauta Torrentes

Btl £32.90  Gls £8.40

Red Wine 

Voyager Estate Cab Merlot

Btl £38.00  Gls £9.80

Shiraz Prestige Hann  

Btl £40