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Seasonal Food: The Joys of Spring!
Even if we’ve enjoyed a Fool’s Spring and the weather might turn dastardly once again, it has made us look forward to warmer temperatures and the wonderful produce of springtime.
The spring season is all about sprouting fresh, sweet, new-season vegetables. Delicious! Lighter cooking and longer days give even more reason to sit in the restaurant’s window seat and while away the hours on a blue-skied evening, savouring beautiful seasonal dishes.
We’ve got wild garlic season coming up in March, which is when Ed will start foraging it to use the young leaves in soups, sauces and pesto. The bulbs can be used like normal garlic and the flowers, which can be used for pretty decoration, are also edible and are lovely in salads.
April is the beginning of the season for British lobsters, so there is your excuse to enjoy a lobster dinner on the regular with us - at least until the season ends in October! Native lobsters are fuller, sweeter and brighter than their North American counterparts and they are a real seasonal treat so do make the most of them!
It will also be Cornish spider crab season from May to July - one beauty not to be missed! Their claws are full of heavenly snow-white meat - this is a delicacy in France and Spain, but it’s most definitely something for us to cherish over here.
We’ll also have some magnificent meats on the menu - the spring lamb and grass-feb beef will be sublime.
The joys of spring are just around the corner and we can’t wait to share them with you. Celebrate with us and book a table here.

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