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Crab Cake Burgers Maryland Style!

Champagne flowed like sparkling rivers, friends danced beneath the shine of the glitter ball, and young girls made chains of crab claws for their hair, whilst humming the melody, 'This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius'. Crabstock fever is taking Soho by storm, and with its unveiling of this week's new dish, it shows no sign of slowing down. And why would it, indeed? We are at the height of crab season, so we are! 

This year's fresh British crab is tasting wonderful and we are showing it off this week in the form of our Maryland Crab Cake Burger. Nowhere does crab cakes quite like the Marylanders. What makes them different? Well, first of all -  the size. They like 'em BIG. As big as a hamburger, in fact, which allows them to fit perfectly inside a brioche bun and to be eaten, with two cradled hands, like a mighty burger. If there is a more gratifying way to eat crab, we haven't found it yet!
Then, there's what's inside the crab cakes. Crab cakes are typically made from a mix of crabmeat, breadcrumbs and eggs, but these crab cakes call for less filler and more of what's called 'lump' crab meat - large pieces of meat from the body of the crab. This allows the lucky eater to really enjoy the sweet, tender crabmeat - something that often turns lobster lovers into crab converts. We're sure we said somewhere in the festival smallprint that this could happen...
Though crab cakes are one of Maryland's most famous dishes (alongside those cookies that we can't get enough of, either), it is said that they only started making them post-colonial times, leading us to believe that it is the Brits who are responsible for this stupendous offering to the world's palate. It wouldn't be completely unfathomable to hear of the English spreading crabs wherever they may roam, would it?
Well, credit where credit's due, that's what we say. Come and #CatchCrabs at Randall and Aubin, the home of the Maryland Crab Cake Burger! (And also a few liberties.)

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