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A trip to The Midlands in search of Meat
Every now and then we like to get the Randall and Aubin team out from underneath the glitter ball, out from Soho, and even out of London – specifically to see where some of our fine produce comes from. And so April saw us take a little trip to Coventry, where Aubrey Allen butchers can be found.
It’s always been of huge importance that we use the best quality, freshest and ethically sourced produce. And, being independent, we also want to support other similar industries. 
Which is why the family-run business of Aubrey Allen, established in 1933, is the natural choice of where to get our meat. Randall and Aubin isn’t just famous for its divine seafood – we also serve tantalizing and tempting dishes for all the carnivores out there, such as our prime beef rib eye served with bridge potatoes and truffle dressed watercress, and the slow spit roast leg of lamb accompanied by roast onions and Amalfi butter.
The team learned all about the process of dry-aging the beef - perfected so that the texture and flavour of the meat is second to none. During this process the beef loses up to 13% of its weight, which intensifies flavour and succulence.  We also learnt that the Aubrey Allen stipulations for beef are so stringent that only 10 in every 100 cattle make their dry aged criteria, and details like the fact Boar pigs are full of testosterone and give off a bitter, sour flavour – hence the fact they don’t use them. 
We're very proud to use this brilliant veteran family-owned company, who are ethical, welfare-friendly, traceable and fair trade meat suppliers – it’s probably high time you stopped in and tried for yourself!

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