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News & Events

Our trip to the National Lobster Hatchery
It's no secret that we love food and we care about where it comes from. Wherever possible, we try to use local and native produce, without causing damage to the environment. Despite our efforts in sustainability and traceability, we realised we knew very little about the work happening to protect our native lobsters from their harsh habitat, so we revelled in the opportunity of going to visit the National Lobster Hatchery in Cornwall.
Nice legs shame about the face
When lobster became an inaccessibly expensive dish, monkfish replaced it. So much so, in fact, that it was once described as ‘lobster for the poor’. In the ports of Cornwall and other seafaring communities, it used to be considered as an easy, cheap meal for fishermen and their families. In some French markets, where its known as Lotte, it was banned due to its unsightly appearance.....
Our celebration of Cod throughout February
You may have read our blog on the commitment we have to UK Seafood at Randall & Aubin, our recent trip to Peterhead, our engagement with the Fishermen and the incredibly difficult and challenging work they do. They have our admiration and respect. All through the month, we’ll tempt you with a fabulous offering of this hearty, denizen of the deep, in ways that we know exemplifies the cod’s unique flavour and texture. The fish are in fabulous quality right now and are with us literally within hours of landing on Peterhead Fish Quay ... We also got Ed to do a little video preparing one of these dishes to whet the appetite ...
Peterhead Cod and the Last of the Wild Hunters
At Randall & Aubin we totally respect the part these, “last of the wild hunters” play in bringing seafood to our menu, in what is the UK’s most dangerous peacetime occupation. We want to celebrate this incredibly flavoursome and totally traceable fish and share with you its fascinating provenance. We’ve met the fishermen, we’ve heard their story, we’re keen to tell with you what we’ve seen and most importantly, we want you to taste the results. Our celebration of cod is running through out February click here to see some of the delicious dishes we will be serving in the restaurant.
Story of the Soho Christmas Lights
The story of Soho's Christmas lights began last year, when patrons and residents decided it was high time that our little village had its own lights at Christmastime. The 2015 switch-on event was a small but charming affair, where we had music by Tim Arnold and carols sang by the Soho Parish Primary school choir. Monty Python's Terry Gilliam did the honours and gave Berwick Street a festive twinkle for the first ever time. This year, we have a slightly bigger occasion planned, where the lights will spill out onto Brewer Street, and year on year we hope the event will grow into something spectacular. We really wanted to celebrate the character of the neighbourhood, and we are excited to say that the lights themselves have been designed and created by God's Own Junkyard - a Soho institution all of its own.