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Our commitment to quality, provenance and sustainability ...
As you might already be aware of, at Randall & Aubin we are seafood fanatics and we are proud of the completely unique nature of what we sell in our restaurant. We have sought class A prime seafood, which isnt often available anywhere else - premium products that are the best quality that money can buy. Do click to read more to see how passionate we are about this. We want you to have the best that is available and the freshest ..
Come and celebrate the 'Year of the Dog' with us on 17th February 2018
On Saturday 17th February, the streets around Soho and Chinatown will be transformed with even more vibrancy, colour and Far Eastern charm than usual, as the place erupts in celebration for Chinese New Year. Click to read all about our special menu and information about The Year of the Dog!
Valentine's Day at Randall & Aubin - prepare to be lovestruck!
Ooh matron! Regulars of ours will already know that we do things a little differently at Randall & Aubin on 14th February! Forget stale rows of tables of two, each sporting a white table cloth and a wilting red rose in a vase of murky water, and the wincing sound of cutlery clinking on plates, punctuating the bars of the same classic violin medley you heard on loop last year Were the place with the disco ball and, lets face it, were more furry handcuffs than red roses, more feather tickler than violin music and more kinky dice than a half-bottle of Champagne and an overpriced three-course meal of which you only like sound of the main if you see what we mean.
Streetsmart Campaign
This festive season, we are very proud to be partnering with StreetSmart, a charity that has raised over 8.2 million for homeless and vulnerable people across the UK since they were established in 1998. During the Christmas period, a voluntary 1 is added to the diners bill and at the end of each month, we pass on these 1 donations to StreetSmart, who then use them to support reputable charities for the homeless. As all StreetSmarts running and operational costs are paid for by their sponsor, Deutsche Bank, every penny in every 1 raised goes directly to the people who need it.
Our trip to the National Lobster Hatchery
It's no secret that we love food and we care about where it comes from. Wherever possible, we try to use local and native produce, without causing damage to the environment. Despite our efforts in sustainability and traceability, we realised we knew very little about the work happening to protect our native lobsters from their harsh habitat, so we revelled in the opportunity of going to visit the National Lobster Hatchery in Cornwall.